Actress Fathia removed the hijab once again

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Fathia Latiff- Pic FB

Fathia Latiff has once again chosen to remove the hijab and she feels she is free to do so and nobody has a right to  judge or ridicule her over her change of look and choice.

“Does judging me mean they book a ticket to heaven?

“Who are you to judge me for the choices I make.

“I need time to get to know myself. I know this may be the wrong decision, but there is a way of advising,” she told Malay daily Harian Metro.

Some of the actress fans and followers started to criticize her since she has   uploaded a photo of her showing her with short hair.

Fathia said it donned the hijab many time before and came back to it.

“To remain in hijab, is not an easy matter.”

“I donned the hijab all this while for someone else. However I realise I can’t keep lying to myself.

“So I made the decision to return to being myself. I can’t take it anymore.”

“This is my life. I have the right to choose my path without others judging me.

“Those who judge, don’t have a life,” she told the local media. Source: Harian Metro/ MalayMail

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