100 Days Malaysian Family Aspiration: Cabinet Ministers have reached 90% Key Perfromance Index –PM Ismail

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KUALA LUMPUR DIS.9: The overall performance of the Cabinet Ministers in 100 days have reached 90 per cent and not 100 per cent as targetted while some performances cannot be evaluated only through surveys.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, the percentages reached should not make the ministers proud of their successes but instead continue injecting the spirit of seriousness and commitment to work with the people.

Ismail said, to realise the Malaysian Family Aspiration, the government has outlined six principles or main focus to be achieved in 100 days consisting of restructuring the economy; to guarantee safety and peacefulness of the country; to elevate the social prosperity; to increase the infrastructure as a whole; to strengthen unity in Malaysian Family concept and to empower the delivery services.

“On 24th September 2021, I have finalised the 100 Days Malaysian Family Aspiration based on Ministries’ Core Services (50 per cent), Minister’s Performance Evaluation (25 percent) and Public’s Perceptions on Minister and Ministry (25 per cent).

“About 140 targets have been set for implementation involving Ministers from five clusters namely Senior Ministers’ Cluster; Economy, Social, Security and Infrastructure,” Ismail said in his speech when officiating the 100 Days Malaysian Family Aspiration held in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre here today.

The Prime Minister stressed that the target for full Key Performance Index (KPI) is not impossible to achieve if all the Cabinet Ministers co-operate with the civil servants, join forces to give the best and effective services to the Malaysian Family by putting aside difficult beurocracies.

Ismail quoted: “Like what the Iban says. If united, our voices could be heard more, and if we split our efforts will be meaningless.”

Ismail added, performance is not only focused on KPI but taking into consideration the perception of Malaysian Family via surveys and questioanaires given to them.

“The involvement of Malaysian Family in evaluating the leadership, integrity, communiations, reliability, responsiveness and empathy of every Cabinet Minister and Ministry is very much appreciated.

“This is in line with Key Happiness Outcome (KHO) that has been introduced in Malaysian Family to complete the targetted KPI. KHO could measure the satisfaction of the people at any time. It could improve the position of the country in the World Happiness Report chart which is at 81st position in 2021,” Ismail said. –Malaysia World News




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