10-year-old Afghan boy fled to Florida to meet his adoptive parents

afghan boy


A ten-year-old Afghan has fled from his country to  Florida, USA to meet and be with his adoptive parents who have been struggling for almost 5 years to adopt and take him home.

According to Daily Mail, Noman Mujtaba was turned away from the airport by the Taliban and forced to witness violence and deadly stampedes before he endured an arduous 12-day journey from Kabul to Broward County, Florida. 

Bahaudin Mujtaba, 55, and his wife, Lisa, 54, spent five years trying to officially adopt and take in Norman whose mother died of cancer.

Afghanistan prefers to have children adopted by people who are originally from Afghanistan themselves, and who are also practicing Muslins, according to the AP.

 Bahaudin said he and his wife are so happy now, experience ‘a great feeling of joy’ that Norman adjusts to American life and has a bedroom to himself for the first time.

They also thanks the But thanks the American service members who helped Noman get out of Afghanistan on a military plane.

'We’re very lucky and appreciative of all the people who have helped us get to this point,' Bahaudin said

Norman first landed in Washington, D.C. and then traveled to Florida, where he met his adoptive parents, Bahaudin and Lisa who could not have any biological children, so several years ago, they looked into adoption.

Bahaudin, a professor at Nova Southeastern University who emigrated from Afghanistan 40 years ago and holds dual citizenship, traveled to Afghanistan in 2016, where he met Norman for the first time, according to The DailyMail.

‘He was very energetic and very talkative, and I fell in love with his personality right then at the time,’ Bahaudin told NBC News.

‘He was extremely bright in discussing why he would want to come to the United States and what he loves about the United States and has seen in movies and cartoon shows,’ he added to NBC Miami.


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