1.5 million civil servants will receive Special Financial Aid amounting to RM1billion on Dec.18

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KUALA LUMPUR10 DEC: A total of 1.5 million civil servants including the permanent and contract staff from the Federal Government will receive the Special Financial Aid on 18th December 2019.

The Special Financial Aid amounting to RMRM1 billion among others will assist parents with their children’s schooling preparations in the coming New Year 2020.

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said, the Special Financial Aid amounting to RM500 will be given to the staff of Grade 56 and below in the management, professional and implementation groups.

“For the retirees, the Special Financial Aid of RM250 will be made and for this year as announced in the 2020 Budget speech, the aid will also be extended to the veterans and government retirees who are not on pensions.

“Similar to last year, the payment for the Special Financial Aid will be made at the end of the year and not the following year like what had been practised by the previous Federal Government,” Guan Eng said in a statement today.

Guan Eng said the Special Financial Aid is a show of appreciation by the Pakatan Harapan Government for the civil servants who have served the people and the country. –Malaysia World News

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